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The process of exchanging the holders means changing the water account from the tenant to the tenant
According to the law, the holder of the asset is obligated to pay water to the corporation from the date of his entry into the property and the reading of the meter
Exact date of entry. At the same time the outgoing holder is obligated until the date of departure and reading the meter.
• A property owner and any person who leaves an asset or enters the property must notify the corporation in writing.
• Failure to give notice of leaving the property will result in the continued charging of the "holder" of the water accounts.
אני מעוניין לשלם באמצעות הוראת קבע בבנק / כרטיס אשראי
Details Of The Asset

 House Number
 Entry Number
 Apartment Number
 Type Of Use
 Water Meter Number
Details Of The Owner

Owner Type
Full Name / Corporation
ID Number
Mailing Address
Additional Phone -
Current Consumer Details
Consumer Type
Full Name / Corporation
ID Number
Mailing Address
Phone -
Additional Phone -
Client Number
Contract Number
I declare that I vacated the above-mentioned property on the day   an that the water call on the day of the evacuation was the water call in cubic meters
I request that the new tenant / buyer register the name of the new tenant / buyer whose particulars are listed below as a new tenant / buyer.
I am aware that the filling of this form is not a confirmation of the replacement of the consumers, and that the performance of the consumers' replacement is conditioned on my having to pay the full payments for the water and sewage consumption of the property until the date of the removal of the property. Insofar as the payment has not been arranged, I am aware that the replacement is contingent upon leaving the Company with full details to enter into an agreement with me for the purpose of arranging the debt.
If I am entitled to a refund, I would like to transfer it to the bank account according to the following details:
Branch Number
Account Number
Under The Name Of
Details Of The Buyer
Full Name
Mailing Address
Phone -
Additional Phone -
Number Of People

* Renting/Selling Contract
* ID Photo
* Photo Of people attachment

I declare that as of the date  I hold the above leased property and  confirm the meter reading as declared by the above consumer 
Credit Card Payment Request
I am interested in paying via credit card